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Install Disconnect for Mini-Split Unit

This installation included installing a disconnect for a "mini-split" AC/Heating unit. We also installed an exterior GFCI protected receptacle since the customer did not have an outlet on that side of their house.


Repaired Wall Pack Lighting

Our commercial customer's wall pack lighting was not working. After inspecting all of the lights, we discovered one of the lights was improperly installed. This allowed water to flow in, pool up, and short the DC side of the LED driver. We replaced the diode board, driver, and other electrical components the water damaged and got their lighting working correctly. 


Replaced bad receptacle

The customer tripped over a cord and broke the top half of the receptacle off. We were able to swap it out with a new one. 


Diagnosis Power Issue for a Water Heater

The customer called us and mentioned the water heater wasn't heating correctly and the breaker was tripping. We were able to track down the wire that connects to the heating element.  The wire was broken but still close enough to the connector to create an arc, which drew excess power, which tripped the breaker. We repaired the wire and got the customer's water heater back working. 


Replaced Chandelier 

We replaced the customer's old and dated chandelier with a new trendy modern brass fixture. 


Upgrade Fluorescent  Fixture to LED

The customer's ballast went bad in their fluorescent lighting fixture. Instead of replacing the ballast, we replaced the whole fixture with an energy efficient, 50,000 hour rated LED fixture. 

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