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We pride ourselves in providing top quality electrical services.

Our pricing is based off two types of services. Service Calls and Electrical Projects. It is important to understand the difference between the two for your electrical needs. Below are a few examples of each.



Service Call: Diagnosing a tripping GFCI outlet, Replacing a bulb in an exterior motion light, Installing a light or ceiling fan in an existing location, Diagnosing a breaker that keeps tripping, etc. Most service calls will take ONE to FOUR hours to complete. 

Electrical Project: Adding new circuits, Installing a new sub panel in a garage, Upgrading main panels, Installing a light or ceiling fan in a new location, etc. Most electrical projects will take ONE day to complete. Larger projects may take up to ONE week. Some projects may also require an electrical permit as well as an inspection from the local inspections department. 


Service Calls

Service call pricing typically has a minimum service fee, based on a few different factors; Distance we have to travel to the job, type of customer (residential, commercial, or industrial), specific job requirements (larger ladders, boom lifts), etc. Give us a call to talk through your electrical needs and we'll be glad to give you pricing estimate. 

Electrical Projects

Due to the nature of our business, we do not provide site unseen estimates. Each project is unique in its requirements, and there are multiple variables to consider. To better serve our clients and their specific project needs, our policy is to assess each project on-site to ensure all aspects of your project are addressed correctly.

With this in mind, we will always be transparent on our pricing. After assessment, our customers will know exactly what they are going to pay unless we encounter unforeseeable issues. If this arises, the customer will be immediately notified of the problem and the steps it will take to fix it.

As mentioned above, some electrical projects require a building permit and inspection from the local inspections department. These cost will be included in your estimate. Please note, any work requiring a permit cannot be started until the permit is issued.

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